Through My Camera Lens

My camera lens has been focused on the landscape and vegetation of Sicily over the past week. Though I expected the island to be beautiful, I am still surprised every time I look out the hotel window or go on an excursion with the group.  As my family and I rarely venture out of New England, it's been an incredible experience to live in such a different environment, even for a short period of time.  My complete awe at Sicily's landscape and vegetation has been documented in the many photos I've taken.

Palm tree in front of the Cathedral of Palermo

View of Palermo from Monreale

Overlooking the coast of Cefalù

Waves crashing against the rocks at Cefalù

Overlooking the coast of Agrigento

I never thought I would see a real lemon tree, climb an active volcano, or window-shop in a small Italian town such as Taormina, and doing so has given me a greater understanding of some of the elements of Italian culture I've studied in the many Italian courses I've taken at Mount Holyoke.

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