A Fishy Business

As the daughter of a chef, I have always loved exploring new food and recipes. And in Sicily, I found plenty of unique and new culinary traditions and styles. The most notable tradition, in my opinion, was how restaurants displayed Their fish for customers. In the United States most mainstream food markets or restaurants, the fish have Their skin and organs removed. So When the customer orders Their meal or picks out a filet at the local market, they see only the flesh of the fish. When a customer orders Their meal or picks out a filet in Sicily, they get to meet Their prize in Its entirety.

The Sicilians keep the eyes and skin intact when serving their seafood. I began to wonder why the Sicilians choose to keep the skin on their fish. Was it because they were fresh from the sea? Was it because the owners Their customers want to see the quality of their meal before eating it? Or are the Sicilians just morbid? As a result, I asked our Frau Professor why she thinks Sicilians keep the whole fish and she told me that most European countries keep the skin on their fish.

So now the question is why are Americans so sheepish about our meat?

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