A Short Walk

By around six o'clock, we finished checking in our beautiful hotel Domina Coral Bay. The weather has been so graceful to us since we landed, with some salty sea breeze and a lot of sunlight. We had a nice buffet dinner as a group, and the evening soon concluded after our short venture around the hotel. Jaymie, Jazzy, Michaella and I decided to walk outside, to the patio where the two gorgeous pools were lit up. Earlier in the afternoon, people were lying by the chairs, enjoying the soothing moist air and the touch of the warm summer sun.

I could hear the ocean muffling underneath me as I trod along the shore, and Michaella was standing on a wooden jut near the sea water, then the waves started to crash harder and harder onto and over the searocks. It was getting really dark. On the left, we could see a town lit up, and under my camera, the lights turned into these tiny, illuminating bokeh dots, reaching into the ocean.

On the right, a stoney castle stood solemnly, under the white moonlight veiled behind the dark clouds. Then we all heard a bizarre sound of classical music vented from the castle. I wasn't sure if it was coming from the sea or just a well-crafted sound effect. After a short walk for fresh air, we were all tired and headed back to our rooms, resting for a full day of excitement tomorrow.

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  1. Such a beautiful description of our new environment. I hope to see and read more from this source! This comment comes from Carolyn, writing from the Glass & Globe.