What a wonderful day! We enjoyed Palermo and Monreale. Here, Paula and I are posing with our students in front of Frederick II's tomb in Palermo's cathedral:
Left to right: Evelyn, Briana, Ombretta, Maddie, Lauren, Jazzy, Paula, Jaymie, Nancy Drew, Emma and Michaella

This picture of Evelyn and Maddie reminds me of Pirandello's short story collection Erma Bifronte:

*Erma* (Herm) is a Greek type of sculpture, typically of Hermes (hence the name) that consists of a carved stone on top of a pillar. An Erma Bifronte (two-faced herm) looks like this:
Two-faced Herm of Janus (Vatican Museums)

This picture of fellow travelers Indira and Mark does not remind me of a Pirandello book, but I like it quite a bit:

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