Sicilian Poems

During my time in Sicily, I've fallen in love with its rich landscape and cultural history. Everytime I look out my window on the bus, I feel like the velvet blues and purples of the landscape have crawled into my heart.

Because I have been so inspired by the local scenery, I have written several poems based on the sights and sounds of Sicily. Though I will probably end up revising them, I thought it would be nice to post them to this blog for feedback and for you all to (hopefully) enjoy.


She throws the coral
back into the sea,
where it is snagged
in the waves' net.

Tangled wires hold
it back from returning
to the shore,
perpetually trapped in place
for a sailor that will never come.


The night comes on the mountain
and Rosalia is awake,
she watches as the sky slowly sheds
off its dress revealing dark, lumpy flesh
broken out in a million stars.

She watches as the sky stretches
until its back until it becomes taut,
its muscles squeezing down on the earth.
Its warm sweat dripping like nebula light
down its calves.

She wonders if she will ever feel as comfortable
in her skin as the sky does.

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