Mosaics in Villa Romana del Casale

Today we visited the ancient Roman Villa where we saw various mosaic designs and patterns almost perfectly preserved. I took a few notes on how grande, detailed these mosaics are in narratives, colors and design patterns.
A scene depicting the transportation of captured animals: soldiers travel on horses, servants on foot and bulls pull rectangular carts on wheels (below).

The intertwined ring pattern is a common pattern in ancient Roman art, symbolizing  positivity, luck and good wishes (above).

The symbols on the forehead of the children originates from Western Asia, symbolizing liberty and freedom.

A mosaic in which the man is holding a golden vase, symbolic of marriage.

The griffon, which is familiar to Mount Holyoke students, is depicted on the right, lured by a bait of a human in cage. The tiger is tricked to look into a mirror of himself.

The ancient Sicilians are giving a three-eyes cyclos enough wine so he would fall into sleep.

Depiction of animals

    The Basilica, with impressive marble floor, is a common place for meeting in ancient time.

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